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Last Updated: 4/24/2014

Mission Statement

Hayesville First United Methodist Church is a spiritually empowered Community equipping people, sharing gifts and caring with Jesus for the Church and the world. We, the fellowship of Hayesville First United Methodist Church, seek to build a vibrant, diverse, and welcoming faith community through: Worship, prayer, and study that nurtures us spiritually and strengthens us for Christian Service
Mission work that is a force for social justice in our community and in the world .
Active ministries that prepare the entire congregation, especially youth, to engage in every aspect of Church life.
Responsible stewardship that sustains our historic building, provides abundant resources for ministries, and allocates those resources wisely. Responding to God's call, we will be a reflection of Christ at all times and in all places.



.Hayesville First United Methodist Church has been a spiritual leader in Clay County for many generations. In a town often characterized by transience and change, Hayesville First has remained a steadfast beacon, long recognized for its commitment to mission service, social justice, and reconciliation.
Hayesville First's minister is viewed as a model of influential and dedicated parish leadership. Distinguished by his scholarship, oratory, caring, counsel, and deep commitment to Christian principles, he has extended the church's reputation as a voice of conscience, reason and hope for residents of and visitors to our town.